What You Weren’t Told About Recurring Yeast Infections

black and white portrait of a beautiful woman
black and white portrait of a beautiful woman

Learn How To Get Rid Of:

  • genital itchy burning feelings
  • curd-like vaginal discharges
  • the horrible smell coming from the vagina

Is there a woman alive who hasn’t endured the indignity of recurring yeast infections? However, in some particular instances, yeast infections can get completely out of hand. But certain preventive measures can be undertaken to reduce or eliminate Candidiasis or Candida Albicans.

  • The wearing of panties made of cotton and not anything synthetic is the first thing.

They may not seem sexy or particularly feminine but this step will definitely help. Cotton underwear increases airflow into the genital area, unlike synthetic or silk panties which tend to be much more restrictive. Without this airflow, humid moisture can accumulate in the genital and that’s when infections spread – seems they love a tropical climate too!

  • Following that, the next big step is to make certain that all of your shampoos and soaps do NOT contain any type of perfume or fragrant scented-type chemical. Though these shampoos and soaps with lovely perfumes may have a lovely odour, they are also probably contributing to your Candidiasis.
  • One more thing: making sure that underwear is changed twice a day would be wise too.

That’s because poor hygiene is a major factor in yeast infections recurring – they are much more common in people with poor personal hygiene.

Now, many women (and men too who can also get yeast infections!) think that an over-the-counter pill, lotion or potion is all that’s needed to fix a yeast infection. However, these really only deal with relieving the physical symptoms and not the underlying causes. Sure, pills and drugs can help by offering relief from the current symptoms though, in the longer term, those frustrating and annoying yeast infections WILL return UNLESS the whole condition is addressed. As yet, a completely guaranteed long-term yeast infection cure does not exist in pharmaceutical form – though other approaches do work.

Home remedies following strict natural tactics, however, do have an excellent success rate in dealing with chronic Candidiasis. That’s because natural home remedy programs usually focus on all of the causes of the yeast infection problem and don’t just offer short-term ‘band-aid’ solutions.

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